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High maternity and own business - it's not that easy

We wrote about the possibility of obtaining high maternity benefit by enterprising mothers here. At this point, we would not like to focus on how to get higher benefits step by step, but on certain threats that are not spoken of at all or are mentioned quietly and not quite clearly.

Sickness benefit and pregnancy

Many enterprising mothers are on sick pay during pregnancy. Depending on the contributions they have declared, they receive an allowance of several hundred zlotys, or around 1700 with the so-called full ZUS. The right to receive sickness benefit, which is 100% payable in pregnancy, is obtained by paying contributions in time for 90 days.

So if a woman plans to get pregnant and intends to remain on release during this time (there is nothing to be charming, it can be "settled"), then she should systematically pay contributions for three months taking into account the declared amount. If the allowance is to be higher, she should also ensure that the application for voluntary sickness insurance occurs after a monthly break to de-register from it or she should take voluntary insurance for the first time shortly before applying for pregnancy ...

The problem is, of course, that we are not sure that the premiums paid are several times higher than the minimum or the so-called full ZUS will be paid in a timely manner. Otherwise, writing if you can get pregnant on the date you plan (it sounds drastic, but this approach is not uncommon).

There is no doubt that you can start paying contributions after reading two lines, but you must plan at least three months for the entire process.

Timely payment of contributions

The second problem may be the timely payment of contributions and paying them exactly in the amount we have declared. It happens that despite the awareness that there is no room for anxiety in this respect, in practice the Social Security Office refuses to pay the allowance due to irregularities: late payment of contributions or incomplete receipts.

If the difference will be less than PLN 6.20 a month, this does not affect the so-called insurance continuity, but if the sum is higher, unfortunately it will. On the other hand, it should be written for clarity that we can always send a request to ZUS to restore the continuity of contributions, which, however, does not mean that ZUS will approve our request.

Before the allowance is paid out

ZUS often does not rush to pay the first sickness benefit. Sometimes you have to wait two months for an account to be credited. During this time, however, you should not "reduce" yourself or completely free yourself from the obligation to pay sickness insurance. If we do this, we have to deal with unpleasantness.
Until the Social Insurance Institution pays us sickness or maternity benefits, the money will not be credited to the account, full contributions should be paid, which, with increased contributions, may be extremely burdensome. When the Social Security Office approves our application, the funds paid in a month for dismissal will be returned to us.

ZUS interpretations

ZUS has already become famous for its very original interpretations of regulations. There are no simple examples when the same rules were interpreted differently, depending on what was "more profitable" at the time.