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Just not red!

Just not red!

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Before a child is born, many parents create a long one "List of expectations about his appearance, "expressed directly or only in thoughts. It is said aloud that the descendant is healthy, but unofficially one dreams of to be beautiful, had blue / brown eyes, or blonde / black hair.

Red hair, despite courtesy confirming that they can be beautiful, are considered birthmarks that do not help in life. Paradoxically, this has been happening constantly, unchanged for years, despite the huge popularity of red coloring paints. What is natural often doesn't like it. However, what mimics nature becomes fashionable and desirable.

Unusual or bad?

Side effects include red hair and freckles. Well, how red? Where from red? After who? After all, no one in the family was ginger, and if he was, he had a hard time pointing at him with his fingers, naming him, laughing. Therefore, God forbid, let's spare this to our little one. Don't let people feel sorry for him, let him behave normally and not comment. Better not be red.

Why? Because red hair only 2% of people in the world have it. Most people in Ireland and Scotland, where up to 46% of people wear red hair. There is something else besides hair color: fair skin and freckles as often. This does not bode well ...

Will you say that times are changing ...? Not necessarily. This entry was made at the special request of the reader who a few days ago wrote:

Good morning
I would like you to bring up the topic of red-haired children on the portal. I have two little redhead kids and unfortunately sometimes I meet with strange reactions - from pity to ridicule. Why do some people think red children are worse? It worries me a bit. I am curious about the opinions of readers and how other parents of red-haired children deal with this problem.
Best regards.

Where do these superstitions come from?

Otherness scares us. Originality too. This was the way it used to be, so unfortunately in many environments it is now. Redheads have for centuries been considered bold, suspicious, often crossing the border of decency. Because in ancient Egypt it was believed that red hair bring bad luck, and in Greece it was thought that redheads turn into vampires after death. It is not without reason that Judas was painted with red hair in the paintings ...

The belief that hair color can determine human character has survived for hundreds of years. Why? Unfortunately, I do not know. Maybe some of you know the answer?

Today, redheads, especially children, do not have an easy life. How to deal with prejudices? How to talk to a child? Do you respond to comments from other adults, respond to meaningful looks? Podpowiedzcie! Share your experiences. Maybe this way you will help other parents ...