Small child

7 ideas for fun in the weather

If you like, you can count the drops on the glass and stare like your favorite slide gets wet. In this case, you should not read this article.

However, if you prefer to spend time in a creative way and do not think with fear in the eyes of what you will take the children in bad weather, then be sure to read.

Toddlers don't have to sleep around the house, and you don't have to listen to whining. These ideas will help you spend a nice even bury day.

Shadows on the walls

It's fun that you can initiate virtually anywhere. All you need is a piece of wall, a lamp and free hands. You also need a little imagination or just a small cheat sheet to lay your hands. Some ideas on the graphics below.

Dream plate

And if so to play in cooking on paper? This fun can especially be liked parents eater.

It's very simple: we take a paper plate, cut out various food products from newspapers or paint them, creating your dream meal.

Next step? When the meal time comes, let the toddler come with his plate and eat exactly what he has chosen for himself. In the meantime, nothing prevents you from preparing meals together or shopping as you need ...

What's the smell

We need several of the same boxes for this game. We put something aromatic in each of them: a bit of coffee, cocoa, herbs, soap, etc. The fun is to guess what is in the package (preferably without looking).

What is this?

It's classic fun that gives little children a lot of pleasure. Interestingly, older children are also happy to play with it. It involves putting various objects in a large bag and recognizing them without looking through touch. The type of items can be chosen according to the child's age, and all the entertainment can be combined with describing what the child feels. In this way, you can train your vocabulary while supporting speech development.