The ivory chopsticks. Legends of China

Ivory chopsticks It is a traditional Chinese tale that helps to explain to children not to be greedy, since, as the saying goes, 'greed breaks the sack'.

Until then King Chou had been a simple and relatively austere man, much loved by a venerable old man named Chi. But one day, the monarch requested some ivory chopsticks.

When the elder Chi learned of the king's whim, he was deeply concerned. The fear came to him that as soon as the king had the ivory chopsticks, he would want more riches: glasses of rhino horn and jade instead of earthenware and clay.

And instead of eating common foods, he would demand exotic delicacies, such as leopard cubs and elephant tails. And instead of covering her body with ordinary fabrics, she would bring the most luxurious brocades and the most precious fabrics. And instead of living in a mansion, I would want ostentatious palaces.

- I fear for the king; I fear for our kingdom, said the old man crestfallen.

Five years passed. The old man was a little older. The monarch's attitude was no longer that of five years before. He had palaces built, he fed on the more exotic delicacies and was carried away by the most exuberant luxuries

It was like this, that between pomp, palaces, parties and luxuries, the king lost his kingdom.


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