Lice or Pediculosis: how to apply each treatment

To follow the treatments and Hygienic measures against a lice infestationIt is recommended that you consult your pharmacist, health educator, or family physician. They are professionals who can provide summarized information in a didactic and simple way.

The pediculicides They are personal hygiene products with toxic substances for lice, which act at different levels in their bodies until they cause death. In general, covering the application area on the head with a shower cap improves the results of the pediculicide in the treatments.

1- Foam
It is indicated in the elimination of lice from the hair. It is effective as a pediculicide and as an ovicide in a single application. When the lice get wet, they cling tightly to the hair and close their holes, to avoid being eliminated with water, reducing the effectiveness of the product. This does not happen with foams, since they do not contain a water base and are applied to dry hair. They pose less risk of eye irritation. When in contact with the heat of the scalp, it favors the distribution of the active principle throughout the hair, ensuring total penetration of the product.

It's easy to use. It must be shaken before applying. The area to be treated must be dry. A light massage is carried out for 2-3 minutes, until the hair is damp. Let it act for 10 minutes. It is washed with a normal shampoo or better with a specific post-treatment shampoo that eliminates nits and dead lice, although afterwards you have to help yourself with a nitrile. Apply to dry hair. They are effective for lice and also for nits. The product penetrates more and more quickly. Simpler and more comfortable to use. Safe, contact with eyes and mucous membranes is more difficult. Avoid contact with the eyes. Wash your hands after application. In sensitive people it can cause irritation.

2- The lotion
It has been shown that pyrethrins with alcoholic vehicle allow a greater ovicidal activity, because they penetrate more easily into the respiratory orifices of the louse, since apply dry. It has higher residual activity. It is better to apply the treatment products without previously washing the hair since the fat helps the fixation of the active product and thus prolongs its effect. It is gently rubbed so that the lotion penetrates, insisting on the areas of the neck and behind the ears, ensuring that the scalp is impregnated. A towel can be used to protect the eyes. Do not dry with a hair dryer so as not to spoil the action of the lotion. Not suitable for asthmatics, can trigger attacks, since a part of the alcohol that evaporates can irritate the lungs and cause an asthma attack. More risk of eye and mucous membrane involvement. They sting if there are scratching lesions, due to alcohol.

3- Shampoo
It is highly advisable to choose a shampoo with nourishing ingredients in its formulation, in order to eliminate nits and dead lice. Once the first application of the anti-lice treatment has been made, the child's hair should be washed with a suitable shampoo, if possible with a specific one designed as a post-treatment. The way of use is comfortable and simple: apply the shampoo by rubbing the scalp, immediately after the first lice treatment.

4- Spray
Application similar to lotions. Risk of eye injury. It can cause severe bronchoconstriction. Sprays should not be used if there is a history of asthma.

Source consulted:Official College of Pharmacists

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