The most popular names in Venezuela for boys

One way to choose a baby's name is to look at the list of common names for each country. With this we can observe the trends when naming the child, but many parents also take into account the family tradition or choose the name of a popular character.

In Venezuela, the list of frequent names for children is occupied in its first positions by compound names, with which the child has the possibility to choose in the future which one best suits their personality. In any case, Venezuelan families prefer traditional names for their children.

1. Juan Carlos. The name of Hebrew origin Juan joins the name of Germanic origin Carlos to form one of the most familiar compound names in the entire Hispanic world. The popularity of this name does not diminish despite its long tradition due to the strength it contains in its combination.

2. José Gregorio. The Hebrew origin of José is combined with the Greek origin of Gregorio in one of the most emblematic names for boys in Venezuela. If José brings the familiarity, Gregorio brings the original touch to this unique compound name.

3. José Luis. The name José, of Hebrew origin, is one of the most frequent for children both in Venezuela and in the rest of the world. The same happens with Luis, of Germanic origin, so his popularity remains unchanged despite the passage of time.

4. Michelangelo. The Hebrew origin of Michael joins the Greek origin of Angel in one of the most frequent compound names for boys. Its popularity is not surprising because the strength that both names have separately is joined by the artistic evocation to which it is inevitably linked.

5. José Antonio. We find a Hebrew origin for Joseph along with a mysterious Etruscan origin for Antonio. The resulting combination is a familiar name that inspires trust and respect and stands out for its forcefulness.

6. Carlos Alberto. The name is of Germanic origin. Both names have enough personality to act separately, but they also appear in multiple combinations capable of maintaining tradition and, at the same time, providing a touch of originality.

7. Julius Caesar. It is a name of Latin origin, very frequent both in Venezuela and in other neighboring countries, which takes us directly to ancient Rome. It is not surprising that it ranks as one of the most popular boy names because it is all distinction and history.

8. Carlos Eduardo. Both names have a Germanic origin, which only highlights the strength that it gives off. We find Carlos as one of the preferred names by Venezuelan families, while Eduardo brings the touch of distinction to this compound name that may be the ideal one for your child.

9. Luis Alberto. We find another name of Germanic origin that is formed from the combination of two of the names that are most liked in Venezuela. Both Luis and Alberto contain that traditional and distinguished touch that your child needs.

10. Jorge Luis. Jorge's Greek origin joins Luis's Germanic origin in a combination that evokes nobility and height. It is a compound name for a boy with a great personality and a very special musicality.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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