Hearing and Hearing Care for Children

Hearing and Hearing Care for Children

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Hearing is one of the most important senses that human beings have. The hearing It is an organ that plays an important role in the development of communication between babies and children. The sense of hearing facilitates and balances everyone's relationship with those around them, in addition to balancing our ability to coexist and socialize.

Through their ears, babies detect and recognize sounds, understand words, and form. For this reason, it is very important that parents are aware of how important it is to care for the hearing and hearing of children, from birth. Therefore, and by reason of International day of ear and hearing care which is celebrated on April 3, has put together some tips about ears and hearing:

The development of the baby's hearing. How babies' senses develop step by step. The sense of hearing. The development of hearing in babies, from birth. How the sense of hearing evolves in children.

Plugged ears of the child. Plug in the ear. How to know if children have plugged ears. The ear can be plugged for two important reasons, because the baby has wax or the child has wax in the ear and the external auditory canal is plugged.

Otitis in infants and children. Prevention and treatment for earaches in children. On our site we tell you all about otitis in childhood. We show you how you should proceed in case your child suffers from otitis and what can cause a case of inflammation of the child's ear.

Children's earaches. Earache is a more common illness in children than you might think, and it is usually caused by infections that affect the middle ear, which is also known as otitis media.

How to clean baby's ears. It is not necessary to clean the baby's ears, thoroughly. The wax that forms in the child's ear cavity has the function of protecting the external canal against foreign elements such as dust, humidity and bacteria. We tell you a technique for the hygiene of the ear of babies.

Otitis externa in children. Swimmer's or External Otitis in Children. Symptoms, treatment and prevention of swimmer's ear in children. How to treat infantile otitis exterior. Ear diseases in children.

What to do if the baby has otitis. On our site we tell you what childhood otitis is. How parents can prevent a case of otitis. Infant colds that cause otitis. Treatment for otitis in babies and children.

Be careful with your ear in the pool. The pool and the sea are places of fun for children, but also a source of possible ear infections. If you want to prevent painful otitis, keep these tips in mind.

Children's hearing problems. The most common ear problems in children. Symptoms of hearing loss and the most appropriate treatment for childhood deafness. How to prevent otitis in children. Common Childhood Hearing Disorders.

How to detect deafness in children. There are different factors that can give a child hearing loss. Hearing loss is very important because it leads to the loss of language and speech and therefore a delay in learning in children. Guide for the early detection of deafness in children. Hearing loss in childhood.

How to prevent deafness. Parents should observe their child to see if he is really hearing well. The prevention of deafness. How parents can prevent future hearing problems in their children.

Causes of childhood deafness. Video about the causes of hearing loss or hearing loss in children. What can cause hearing loss or hearing loss in children? In this video, Dr. Gracia Aránguez explains to our site the causes and importance of good hearing in children.

Medical tests to detect deafness. The early detection of deafness is essential to put a treatment on time and avoid problems or language alterations in children. Advances in the field of science and technology have successfully launched two tests, which can be performed on the newborn, even before leaving the maternity hospital where they have just been born.

How is childhood deafness diagnosed? Childhood deafness can seriously compromise a child's emotional, cognitive and social development. An early diagnosis of infantile hearing loss allows treatment to be started before 6 months, thus avoiding language alterations and favoring the child's neuropsychological development.

Deaf baby or child. How to know if a baby hears well. How to know if your child is not deaf. Symptoms of childhood deafness. Our site offers us some clues that can help parents detect possible deafness in their child. Learn about the causes and ways to prevent deafness in children.

How children speak and listen. How should your child listen and speak? our site recommends a speech and listening developmental scale from the baby's birth to the child's 5-year-old. The scale shows us what the baby can hear and speak from birth. Good guidance for parents.

The inimigos of the ear of the children. Which can hurt children's ears. Due to a simple cold or humidity, there are children who end up catching otitis or an inflammation of the ear canal normally caused by fungi or bacteria. How do we prevent these enemies from damaging our children's ears?

Symptoms of infantile otitis. Otitis causes earache in children and babies. It is usually caused by an infection, which originates in the throat. Viruses and bacteria reach the middle ear through the Eustachian tube. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of an ear infection in children.

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