The Japanese method against laziness of children

The Japanese method against laziness of children

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Sometimes it can take a child ten long minutes to finish a simple math operation. And another ten long minutes to decide whether or not to wash his hands. Not to mention picking up the toys. Or getting up in the morning. But why are children so lazy?

Perhaps the question is not to answer that question, but to this one: How do I keep my child from being so lazy? The solution is found in a Japanese technique. It's called the rule of the minute.

In Japan they call him Kaizen method, which means 'wisdom to change'. Here we know it as a rule of the minute. It seems to be an infallible method to end laziness and laziness when doing a certain task. Or rather, to get us to be more persistent and not leave things by halves. This method, of course, can be applied for both adults and children.

But what does it consist of? It is about dedicating a minute, a single minute to the task that costs us or that it costs our son the most. With only one condition: that you always do it at the same time. That is, it is very difficult for our son to pick up his room? Very well ... every day, at the same time, you will clean your room for a minute. You may be motivated to have a watch on hand silently striking the seconds. One, two ... like this, up to 60. Who can't do a task for a minute?

It may seem strange to us, but a small step can mean a lot. In fact, a step is always the beginning of a great path. What this method achieves is that the day comes when it is time to pick up the room and the child collects everything automatically, because he has it internalized and it is no longer difficult for him to do so. And that's the time to increase the time from one minute to 5 minutes. And later, 10 minutes. And the day will come when your son don't mind the time spent picking up the room.

The creator of this technique, the Japanese Masaaki Imai, thinks that this method is very effective for everything in life. The Kaizen method comes to be a way to change gradually without great effort, a method of adaptation to what we like least.

There are many reasons why a child can be lazy. Between them:

- The task that the child has to do seems complex to him and he thinks that he will not be able to do it.

- It doesn't motivate him.

- Nothing happens for not doing it ... the education you receive is so soft that you are never required to do your homework.

To prevent all this from happening and your child to apply the law of least effort, find a way to motivate him to do everything that makes him lazy. Encourage him, praise him and of course, use play and imagination to turn tedious tasks into fun.

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