Toxic parents who can destroy their children

Toxic parents who can destroy their children

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I find it hard to believe that such a father or mother can exist, but they exist, of course they exist. They are fathers or mothers who constantly undermine the physical and moral integrity of their children. They are known as toxic parents. Or at least that is how psychologists and pedagogues began to call them.

Toxic parents do not offer love and security to their children. They do not want their children, they use them. And they are capable of destroying them little by little. But do you want to know how to identify them?

Toxic parents constantly put their interests before those of their children, neglect their education and use their own children to project their problems and insecurities. How to recognize them?

1. AThey harm their children physically and psychologically. They use physical punishment and psychological punishment indiscriminately. They are the parents who constantly tell their children that they are worthless.

2. They use destructive criticism. These are criticisms that only serve to humiliate the son, full of negative connotations towards him. They tend to humiliate you in front of others.

3. They present themselves as victims of their children. Before others, their children are rebellious, disobedient, and mistreat their parents. On many occasions they justify their actions by assuring that their children are unbearable.

4. They are manipulative parents. Capable of lying to get their children to do whatever they want.

5. They use affective blackmail. In exchange for a little affection, children must endure psychological abuse. They manage to create an emotional dependency. In some cases they do it with excess affection. At the opposite pole, absent parents, who bring love to their children with a dropper.

6. They are over-demanding parents. They ask for more than the child is capable of giving.

7. They are dictator parents. Authoritarian to the point of choosing your child's friends, partner or professional future. They use fear to control their children.

8. They compete with their children. In a way, they envy them.

9. They use 'bad' jokes as an attack on them, to constantly expose them.

Obviously, what these types of parents achieve is to scare their children. They exercise power and supremacy over them in an authoritarian and exorbitant way. Children who live under the whip of a toxic father, they will be children with self-esteem problems, frustrated, full of fear and with obvious behavior problems.

These older children they will be submissive, insecure people, unable to commit, with a disturbing sense of guilt and clear emotional problems. Or on the contrary, very rebellious people who will tend to repeat the pattern that they lived in their childhood.

You don't have to be a perfect parent. It is enough to provide what every child needs: love, security and values.

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