Divorce and children. Children of separated and divorced parents

The separation of the parents does not have to be torture for the children. In fact, the separation of the parents (when they decide that their life as a couple does not work), must always be considered as an improvement in the quality of life of the children. offers you a series of articles with very useful tips so that you can learn how to get divorced without negatively affecting the children.

Separation is always a difficult decision for both the couple and the children. So that it does not affect children too much, it must be done in a rational way. The couple must reflect and cooperate and of course, protect the children and seek the best for them. If you need information, do not hesitate to consult these articles with numerous tips from experts on the matter.

Divorce and children. How the divorce of parents affects their children. How to explain the separation of parents to children. What a child feels when his parents separate.

Divorce without affecting the children. Divorce and separation is for the parents, not the children. I do not deny divorce as a solution to some couple conflicts. Moreover, in some cases, I consider it the least of the evils, nor do I deny the right of people to seek a happy marriage; But this reflection tries to alert about the damage that separations usually cause in children.

Effects of divorce on children. Consequences of divorce of parents on children. Keeping a marriage is sometimes very difficult, but protecting children after a divorce can be even more difficult.

The mother after the divorce. Being a mother after a divorce. In all families there is a division of roles between the parents. Sometimes it happens that after a separation, the mother (who usually lives with the children) tries to compensate or in some way supplant the absence of the father in the family home.

How to explain divorce to children. How to explain to children the separation of parents. It is important that parents know how to differentiate between the role of a couple and the role of father and / or mother. our site offers tips on how to explain parental separation to children.

Children's reaction to divorce. How children react to the separation of their parents, according to their age. Their development and maturity influence their behavior when it comes to accepting the news of their divorce or separation from their parents.

Separate without harming the children. The divorce of the parents without harming the children. Considering that divorce is a problem that is increasing every time in our society, the Community of Madrid, Spain, has published a Guide to face the breakup of the couple without harming the children, prepared by the psychologist José Manual Aguilar Cuenca.

Separating after having a child. Why many couples separate as soon as they have a child. What problems associated with the birth of a child provoke the breakdown of the marriage.

The role of grandparents with children. Recommendations for the care of grandchildren during a divorce or separation. How grandparents should act to care for their grandchildren during parental divorce.

Parental alienation in children. The Doctor in Psychology and first Defender of the Community of Madrid, Javier Urra, explains to us what and in which cases the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) occurs and what consequences it has in the families of separated or divorced parents, for the children.

How to protect your child from parental alienation syndrome. In this video, the doctor of psychology, Javier Urra, explains what Parental Alienation Syndrome (SAP) is and how to protect a child in case of Parental Alienation to prevent the child from suffering. When a father or mother does not take responsibility for the children after a separation.

How to detect parental alienation syndrome. Parental Alienation Syndrome or PAS occurs when a parent, through different strategies, transforms the consciousness of their children in order to prevent, hinder or destroy their ties with the other parent.

How to detect parental alienation syndrome. Parental Alienation Syndrome is based on a campaign to discredit the alienated parent. The damages that parental rejection causes in children are psychological and emotional in their children and can have serious consequences on their development.

Parental alienation syndrome and children. The psychologist and writer Javier Urra talks about the issue of parental alienation in the families of separated or divorced parents. Discover all the keys to prevent parents from turning their love into hate and using their child as a weapon

Advantages and disadvantages of joint custody. We analyze the effect of joint custody on children. Advantages of joint custody for children. Disadvantages of joint custody for children.

What is joint custody. More and more families are opting for joint custody after a divorce. Faced with single-parent custody, there is a strong possibility that children continue to be in the care of both parents. What is joint custody.

Parents separated at Christmas. Separated parents unite at Christmas for the children. If this is one of your first years dividing Christmas, don't despair. Although it may seem strange to do it for the first time, spice up your Christmas parties with a dose of naturalness, generosity and good vibes.

Christmas for separated parents. Christmas is an especially tough time of year for separated parents. To avoid the absences of the children on the specified dates, discussions are triggered with their former partners, which endanger the emotional stability of the children. Christmas in the families of separated parents.

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Video: The impact of divorce on children: Tamara D. Afifi at TEDxUCSB (December 2021).