How to rescue a child with his head trapped between bars

How to rescue a child with his head trapped between bars

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Without a doubt, one of the most distressing situations for a child (and for their parents) is being trapped between bars. Even more so if it is about the head. How to react at that moment? What to do when you see that your child's head got trapped and is not able to remove it?

This video shows us a possible way to solve the problem.

In the video you can see how at first they try to pull the child's head out by throwing it back. If the head entered through the bars accidentally, how not to remove it from the same place? But it's not so easy. The head does not fit. How else could the child get in there? Profile!

Now, as we see it, it seems logical. If the head is the largest part of the body, why not try to get the body through the bars instead of insisting on sticking the head out? Although obviously, this maneuver only works if the child is small, and his body is smaller than the head.

But if this method is not possible, what else can we do?

1. Don't lose your cool: Obviously, the first is not losing your cool. Nerves can lead us to make the wrong decision. At this time, you have to try to use common sense and leave the impulses for other situations that require it. Remember that if your child was able to insert his head, arm or leg between the bars, he will also be able to remove the trapped body part. And if that is not possible, we can always ask the fire brigade for help.

2. Reassure the child: You have to try to calm the child, who will obviously be very nervous. The nervous ones can cause you to accidentally injure yourself. Many children try to get out on their own and make the situation worse. Bars, remember, can cause suffocation.

3. Study the situation: You have to observe the situation and try to find out how the little one was able to insert the trapped head, arm or leg there. If we can figure out how it got in, we'll know how it can get out.

4. Try to get the body out: In the event that the child has been trapped by the head, look for the possibility that he can turn to position himself in profile. Try to get the little one to insert his body between the bars. Be careful, just in case you see that the body fits without problems. Don't pressure him or you could make the situation worse.

5. Call emergencies: If, despite all attempts, the trapped child cannot be removed, it is time to call the fire brigade. They have a hydraulic jack that they will use to bend the bars or specific machinery to cut them and remove the child without suffering any damage. If the child has been trapped between the bars of a balcony, it is best to call emergency services immediately.

Remember that in the case of home security, if you have doors or cribs with bars, these should be between 4.5 and 6.5 centimeters apart to avoid accidents of this type.

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