Games to teach children spelling rules

Games to teach children spelling rules

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You learn to write well, and if it is with games, much better. offers you a series of tricks, tips and games to review the main spelling rules with children. In this way learning language and literature will be much more fun.

From how and when to use a metaphor to how to form derived words. Solve here all your grammar doubts and play with the children.

Derived words. How to teach children derived words. A game to teach children in a fun way what a derived word is. Poem to practice derived words.

The accents. We offer you some fun children's games to teach the meaning of accents and the difference between stressed and unstressed syllable. How to teach children to place the accent correctly.

Augmentatives and diminutives. Game to teach children to use and create augmentatives and diminutives. What are suffixes and how to create augmentatives and diminutives. Children's game with words.

The metaphors. We explain what the metaphor is and how you can explain it to your children. In addition, here you will find a series of exercises for children to practice and learn to use this literary resource.

Missing B and V. Here's a way to teach kids some spelling rules with the letters b and v. One of the main spelling mistakes when learning to write occurs with these letters. It is easy to go wrong because the sound is very similar, almost identical.

The rhymes. We propose exercises to teach children to rhyme. It is practically a game, with which the little ones will have fun and learn a lot. Rhymes can encourage children to read. Teaching them to rhyme may be easier than you think. We show you how you can teach children to rhyme in a fun and easy way.

The letter H. How to teach children the spelling rules of the letter h through games. Games to practice with children to write the letter h correctly.

The accent. Teach your child to correctly write the accent mark in words. To do this, we offer you this summary with the main spelling rules for accents.

Encourage literacy. What is literacy. Why it is important to encourage literacy. How to help children improve their literacy learning.

Homophones words. How to explain to children what a homophone word is. Games to teach children to use homophones. What does it mean for a word to be homophone and how to explain it to children.

Spelling mistakes. We propose some games for your children to learn some spelling rules in a simple and fun way. In this way you will be able to finish with some spelling mistakes.

Funny dictations. We tell you what a dictation is, what it is for and how to use it with children. How to make a funny dictation and what advantages it has for children's learning. On our site you can find texts for dictations according to the age of your children. Easy and difficult dictations.

The summary. There are children who despite studying many hours have a very low school performance, that is why it is so important that from a young age we do reading comprehension exercises and teach them to decipher the fundamental content of the text, or what is the same, to do a summary of what they have read.

Games with words. Word games for children to learn while having fun. The best way to learn during childhood is through play. Feel free to use it to enrich your vocabulary.

Onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia are words that imitate sounds. Many stories and especially comics are full of onomatopoeia. Children enjoy them a lot, and they can be useful to make a children's text more attractive.

The morals. The morals are those messages or teachings that convey a story, a tale, a legend or a poem. Children's stories often have morals. It is a way of instilling values ​​in children.

Write well. The talkative reporters is an educational game to teach children to write correctly. Use the game to teach your children grammar.

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