Your child's favorite music or song

Your child's favorite music or song

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Children's musical tastes change as they grow older. How many music and songs I have listened to and learned with my daughter! First the lullabies for sleeping, some even invented by me, then the ones she learned at school and repeated over and over at home, the gestures, and so on until today. With music, children learn not only to sing but also to concentrate and relax.

Music is increasingly being introduced into the education of children. Just like they do in schools, children use songs to learn good habits like brushing teeth, washing hands, showering, or even tying shoelaces on their own. Music is a teacher and Storyteller. My daughter loved the song of 'Noah's Ark' ... 'There was the crocodile and the orangutan, two little snakes and the golden eagle ...' How rich, doing the gestures ...

Then she fell in love with "In Daddy's Car." 'Let's go for a walk, pi pi pi, in an ugly car, pi pi pi ...', as well as from 'Pin Pon', 'Pin Pon was a rag and cardboard doll ...'. Do you remember? Music encourages children. What would the children's birthday party be without the song 'Happy Birthday', right? There is no perfect song or the most appropriate, whether traditional, more or less modern or invented ... the little ones like them all. Furthermore, for them, music is also a game, a way to enrich their language, a box of surprises.

What does music bring to your child's life? To my daughter, it is very clear to me. The music made her speak earlier, to express herself more clearly, to stimulate her creativity, concentration and motor skills, and above all, it made her and makes her more cheerful and relaxed. If the saying that says 'Tell me what you listen to and I'll tell you who you are' is true, my daughter would be a versatile person, because she loves all kinds of music.

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