Foods that cause cavities in children

Foods that cause cavities in children

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We all know that there are some foods that are more harmful to health What others. The same goes for the teeth. Eating an apple is not the same as eating a lollipop, right? We look at the foods that can be the most damaging to children's teeth and most likely to cause future cavities.

These are the foods that can damage your child's teeth the most:

1. Sweets and candies with sugar: The sucrose in these foods is very cariogenic (it can cause cavities). If your child consumes candy, choose the ones that disappear from your mouth quickly and not those that stick to the teeth (chewy candies and jelly beans) that stay in contact with the teeth longer. And whenever you finish eating treats (at any meal or snack), brush your teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste.

2. Refined carbohydrates with starchSalty foods like chips, bread, pasta, and crackers can damage children's teeth just as much as candy, as carbohydrates can turn into sugars that cause tooth decay.

3. Carbonated soft drinks: Normal soft drinks contain a high amount of sugar and, being liquid, they reach all interdental spaces, being more difficult to eliminate and being in contact with tooth enamel for longer. Diet sodas are also harmful to teeth as they stain and stain them.

4. Fruit juice: it is much better to consume whole natural fruits than in juice because they contain more fibers. Bottled juices that sometimes contain added sugars are also very harmful to children's teeth.

5. Lemons, citrus fruits, and other acidic foods: The acid in these foods can erode the enamel on your teeth. Citrus fruits and tomato foods, pickles, honey, and wine can be harmful to teeth if eaten too regularly or kept in the mouth for too long.

It is essential to avoid the harmful effects of these foods to brush your teeth correctly and as soon as possible after consuming them. Children should brush their teeth at least twice a day (just before bed and after breakfast). Performing a fluoride rinse is also beneficial, although toothpaste or fluoride rinse not recommended for very young childrenThey tend to swallow toothpaste at first and don't know how to spit well. Check with your dentist.

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