White fish recipes for kids

Fish is one of the most important foods in the diet of children, and yet it is difficult to get them to eat it. White fish is the variety that is included first in the diet of babiesSome belong to this type, such as hake and sole.

In We suggest you try these delicious white fish recipes. Baked, fried ... there are many ways to prepare it for children's lunch or dinner.

Try these simple recipes, they are easy and full of nutrients, proteins and minerals for kids.

Stuffed Whiting. Traditional white fish recipe, this stuffed hake is a good way for children to get used to eating everything. Hake recipe stuffed with prawns and ham. easy fish recipes for kids

Hake With Tomato. From 9 months of age it is recommended to introduce fish in the diet of babies. Here is a very gentle recipe for your baby to get to know the taste and texture of hake. Hake with tomato recipe for children.

Hake in green sauce. Hake recipe in green sauce, a traditional dish for children. Step by step preparation of hake in green sauce with clams. Easy fish recipe for children, make a hake in green sauce.

Sole with yogurt and mushroom sauce. For the children's dinner, we propose this soft grilled sole with yogurt and mushroom sauce, a recipe that is also very good for pregnant women. white fish recipe for children

Grilled sole with lemon. Fish recipe. Grilled sole with lemon. The diet of babies and children should include fish dishes. And if they're sick, this mild grilled sole with lemon will help them feel better.

Sole with orange. Sole is a highly appreciated fish in gastronomy for its fine white meat. Guiainfantil proposes a light, nutritious and energetic recipe, ideal for both lunch and dinner for children.

Cod recipes. Cod is one of the most versatile fish, and that is why it is very popular at parties such as Christmas and Easter. At GuiaInfantil we offer you a selection of the best cod recipes.

Fish ceviche. The ceviche, cebiche or sebiche is one of the star recipes of Peruvian cuisine. In this case, our site has prepared a fish ceviche, a dish that consists of marinated fish with a lemon dressing. Learn how to make a fish ceviche, step by step. Peruvian recipes for the family.

Hake sticks. Fish is a fundamental food in children's diets, the problem is that many of them are not attracted to anything. On our site we give you an idea for children to eat with pleasure: our recipe for hake sticks.

Mackerel pie dolls. Mackerel is a fish little used in cooking with children. Here we leave you a fun recipe for children with mackerel. Mackerel cake dolls, fun recipe for children.

Hake Cake. Hake cake is an easy and convenient recipe for children who do not like fish. It can be made with frozen hake fillets, without the need to defrost them previously.

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