Cork butterfly in a garden Crafts for kids

Original craft for children of a colorful butterfly in a garden to decorate a table or a shelf. This butterfly can be made with recycled material such as a bottle cork and paper and then used as a gift or to decorate your children's room in a fun way.

This children's craft will help childrenDevelop creativity and imagination as they learn to value the importance of recycling and caring for the environment.

  • A cork stopper
  • Painting
  • Gel glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Sheets of colored paper
  • Brush
  • A wooden skewer or toothpick
  • Straws

1. You have to paint the cork, so so as not to stain or damage it, use a toothpick to hold it better while you paint.

2. Use your imagination to paint the body of the butterfly with the colors you want.

3. When the paint is dry, cut out wings and eyes from one of the leaves and glue them to the body of the butterfly.

4. Fill a bowl with rice and poke the butterfly into the rice.

5. To complete your little garden, make two flowers with colored paper and some straws and put them in the rice bowl as well.

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