Tips for children to have fun in the kitchen

Eating is one of the great pleasures in life. Good food brightens up a gathering with family and friends, protects health, and can create a fun time for children in the kitchen. A balanced diet, with simple recipes, lifts your spirits; And allowing children to enjoy cooking is a good way to teach them skills and take time to spend with them.

When you cook with the kids, don't forget to follow some tips so that they can taste traditional recipes and have fun cooking with mom or dad:

1- Choose easy and simple recipes to prepare. Today there is no shortage of alternatives in this regard. You can easily find magazines and books with recipes suitable for the little ones. Elaborate recipes can be boring and discouraging for little ones. In "Cooking with children" we have a few recipes especially suitable for children.

2- Invite your child to do the shopping. It is important to involve the little ones in everything from making the shopping list to helping with the preparation of recipes. It is important that in the supermarket, you let the children touch, feel and taste the fruits and vegetables so that they learn what they taste like. In some supermarkets there are some samples of products.

3- Let the children be in the kitchen. For many adults, the very idea of ​​sharing the kitchen with the little helpers is a cause for anxiety. When they get to the kitchen, the first thing they do is get the children out of there, as if it were the most dangerous place in the house. They usually send them to play or watch TV. Children can be in the kitchen, from when they are with an adult who watches them discreetly.

4- Specify your child's tasks, before starting to prepare a recipe. Each person must have a responsibility. Let your child do the tasks that pose no risk to him. Example: Mix, stir, beat, decorate, beat the whites, put the milk, add the tomato, coat the meat, etc.

5- Teach the child to eat healthy. If you teach him to eat healthy, homemade food from a young age, he will stick with the habit when he is older. Explain what each ingredient contains and why each is important in the recipe.

6- Never say "NO" to your child. Let him taste, touch, stain, and smell different and varied flavors. Don't be afraid to let your child break an egg, for example, and don't be afraid to let him spill or get stained with flour or milk. Supervise their work, but don't push too hard. Practice will teach you to be more careful.

7- When your future cook wants to prepare a recipe alone, do not discourage him. Let him take the lead with a recipe he can make himself.

Remember that parents are the best teachers of their children. Teaching children how to do something takes time, but it is worth it when you see the pride and skill they acquired.

With what they learn in the kitchen, children will also learn to plan, to decide, to value, to measure and weigh (a mathematical skill), to take responsibility, to give more value to safety and cleanliness, and at the same time , to share an activity with your family.

Source consulted:
- The book "Los barrios family cookbook", by Diana Barrios Treviño.

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