The red thread. Oriental legend for children

The red thread. Oriental legend for children

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Legends often treat complex topics for children to understand. The story is perhaps the simplest way to deal with concepts such as love or destiny.

In this case, this oriental legend ('The red thread'), speaks of that 'connection' that exists between two people, that feeling we refer to when we speak of a 'soul mate'. Since we are born, the story goes, a red thread, invisible to our eyes, connects us with another person. Do you believe in fate? Here you have a beautiful legend that talks about it.

Long, long ago, an emperor learned that in one of the provinces of his kingdom there lived a very powerful witch, who had the ability to see the red thread of destiny and ordered it to be brought before him.

When the witch arrived, the emperor ordered her to find the other end of the thread that was tied to the little finger and bring it to what would be his wife. The witch agreed to this request and began to go on and on.

The search led them to a market, where a poor peasant woman with a baby in her arms offered her products. When he reached this peasant woman, he stopped in front of her and invited her to stand up.

He made the young emperor come closer and said: 'Your thread ends here', but hearing this the emperor enraged, believing it to be a mockery of the witch, pushed the peasant who was still carrying her little baby in her arms and He made her fall, causing the baby to make a large wound on her forehead, he ordered his guards to arrest the witch and lock her up.

Many years later, the time came for this emperor to marry and his court recommended that the best thing was that he marry the daughter of a very powerful general. He accepted and the day of the wedding arrived.

And the moment he saw for the first time the face of his wife, who entered the temple with a beautiful dress and a veil that covered her completely ... When he lifted it, he saw that that beautiful face had a very peculiar scar on his forehead.

The woman he was going to marry ... was the baby the peasant girl was holding. The witch did not fool him. Fate finally united them.

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