The consequences of smoking in pregnancy

The consequences of smoking in pregnancy

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Quitting smoking not only protects your baby from any health problems, it can also prevent complications during delivery. And I wonder: 'why do women continue to smoke during pregnancy?'

The data from the latest studies are clear: the majority of women who smoke do not stop smoking during pregnancy and very few still quit when confirming their pregnancy, or in the fourth month of pregnancy, when the fetus begins to grow and develop. more quickly.

Doctors insist that pregnant women constitute one of the population groups in which smoking cessation is paramount. Smoking is a risk factor not only for them, but also for the health of your baby. The study also reveals that pregnant women are still not aware of the real danger of tobacco during pregnancy. In addition, there are few who can count on the support of their partner. Researchers reveal that pregnant women who have the support and commitment of their partner to quit smoking have a better chance of success. They emphasize that doctors and all personnel related to women's health should do more and better in this regard.

Premature birth, low birth weight and sudden infant death are just some of the episodes that babies of smoking mothers may be affected by. Babies, as well as children, cannot voluntarily avoid exposure to tobacco smoke. They are passive victims of their mother's smoking and as a consequence they can present digestive and nutritional problems, ear complications, lower respiratory tract complications, immune and vascular disorders, cancer, neurological and psychological disorders, etc.

For all that, I believe that the fact that parents expose their children to tobacco smoke is an irresponsible and selfish attitude.

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