Nausea in pregnancy determines the sex of the baby

Nausea in pregnancy determines the sex of the baby

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Do you remember the beginning of your pregnancy? If you had nausea and vomiting for more than a month, you will surely not forget it. And now think ... what did you have? Boy or girl?

According to a study, the first days of pregnancy send you signals about the sex of the baby you are expecting, which, as you may already know, is determined at the same time that the egg is fertilized.

Swedish scientists study of the Columbia University (New York) collected the experience of thousands of pregnant women. Many of them had been nauseous for at least three months. Many others, however, had had a happy early pregnancy.

In the first case, most of these women who suffered from nausea,they had a girl. While in the second group, children predominated. That is, the beginning of pregnancy is much more bearable in the case of boys than in that of girls.

However, the study refers to women who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, that is, a picture of constant nausea, 24 hours a day and for more than 12 weeks. A dangerous condition that can trigger dehydration and even leads many pregnant women to need hospitalization. The same thing happened to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

You may have heard of the myths about how to find out the sex of the baby you are expecting. The truth is that the most reliable test, without a doubt, is ultrasound. But for testing ...

1. Thicker lips if you expect girl. According to mothers and grandmothers, the body swells more when you expect a girl. The volume of the lips increases. And the one with the face.

2. More beautiful skin if you expect a child.Hence, it is said that 'the pregnant woman is more beautiful when she expects a child'. The scientific basis that supports it is that when you are pregnant with a girl, the body releases more hormonal load, which affects the mother's skin, generating more pimples and imperfections.

3. A round belly? Little girl! Many get the sex of the baby right by looking at the evolution of the belly. Round bellies are supposed to be girlish, while those with pointed end indicate that a boy is expected. However, there is no scientific basis for this. In fact, the shape of the belly depends on the body structure of the pregnant woman.

4. If you have more hair than normal, you wait child. Apparently, many pregnant women begin to notice increased hair in areas where they had hardly any hair before. This is also scientifically based. If you wait for a boy, testosterone production increases, which can influence the presence of more hair.

5. If you want to eat salty and meat, it will be a boy. According to this, the body would send signals through 'cravings'. In other words, what the pregnant woman wants to eat, perhaps because the body is lacking in some specific element or vitamin. Pregnant women who prefer sweets, fruits and vegetables wait for a girl, while those who prefer salty and fried snacks wait for a boy.

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