Benefits of ping pong for children

Benefits of ping pong for children

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Ping-pong is the popular name of the racket sport known as table tennis. It is a very fun game that can be played as a family.

It emerged in the 19th century in England and from then until today it has undergone numerous modifications. Since 1988 it is considered an olympic sport. At present it can be played either with two players or with two pairs. But ... what benefits does it bring to children?

In ping pong, players compete for the highest number of points by passing the ballwith a pallet on the net that is located in the middle of a table. This sport can be practiced at any age, although it requires a lot of preparation and a lot of technique, so it brings numerous benefits to children:

1. With your children practice stimulate and develop their reflexes and coordination since they have to use legs, waist, arms and trunk at the same time.

2. Ping-pong also favors the concentration of children since, being aware of the direction of the ball, they have to be very attentive to the game.

3. Improves visual acuity of the kids.

4. Table tennis also helps to improve mental agility, reaction capacity and intellectual performance of children because they have to make decisions in a short space of time.

5. Improves body motor skills, especially of the hands and arms.

6. Promotes balance of the kids.

7. Improves the blood flow of children and helps reduce cholesterol levels.

8. Although movements are limited around the ping-pong table, they are constantly active so improve muscle tone and your aerobic capacity.

9. This sport helps children socialize.

10. In ping-pong, the chances of injury are very low, since it is a non-harmful sport.

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