Benefits of skipping rope for children

Benefits of skipping rope for children

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Children have the right to play and have fun with different activities. exist lots of games with which children can spend time interacting with people their age, interacting and practicing different disciplines. If we also add the sports component to these games, the advantages multiply.

It is the case of jump rope, an easy game that has been passed from generation to generation and that has many benefits for children who decide to play with it. In our site We found out what's good about children skipping rope in their free time.

1. Strength and flexibility. Jumping rope is a real sport, and with it children will test their resistance. Enduring rope jumping is an exercise that can help children test and exceed their limit of stamina. It will also help them to be more agile and flexible, as well as quick, since the exercise requires fast movements and very frequent jumps.

2. Adrenaline release. The energy that is expended in sports multiplies when it comes to endurance exercise. This is the case of rope, which consists of making short jumps in a row, so they will release a lot of adrenaline.

3. Personal growth. Jumping rope is very simple, but it also requires a lot of effort, tenacity and perseverance. Jump rope is easy to practice, but it's also very tiring, and kids can test their body's endurance by seeing how long they can handle jumping and playing sports.

4. Coordination and psychomotor skills. Another great benefit of jump rope it is the coordination of arms and legs. Psychomotricity is worked on in this type of game, because the muscles are in constant movement, without confusing the way to perform the jumps and move the arms to wind the rope itself.

5. Fun. But above all, a great benefit of skipping rope is the fun of the game itself. Although it can be practiced alone, rope is a great game to play in a group. With different specific songs for this game, children can have a very pleasant time practicing sports while interacting with each other and having a great time.

6. Full exercise. Another advantage of jumping rope is that it is a very complete discipline on a physical level, because many muscles are put into motion at the same time, from the arms to the legs, passing through the abdomen. Above all, it is very beneficial for the knee joint, and even more so if it is practiced since childhood.

7. Good physical shape. Few exercises burn as many calories as skipping rope. It is such a complete exercise that it is very easy for the body to have a good physical shape thanks to the short jumps, the resistance and the coordination of the arms with the legs. Therefore, it is essential for children to practice it, because they will keep the body toned and without fat.

8. Reflexes and balance. Another advantage of children skipping is that they increase their reflexes and their ability to balance, as well as their spatial vision. Jumping rope requires determination and strength, but also being aware of how many jumps to take, how high and at what pace. Balance is also required so as not to lose it as you jump to the sound of the songs or the rhythm in question.

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