What is mastitis in lactation

What is mastitis in lactation

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Mastitis consists of the infection of the breast tissue due to bacteria that penetrate through the cracks and ducts of the nipple that can occur during breastfeeding. This infection causes inflammation and pain and involves one of the main reasons moms stop breastfeeding their babies. Mastitis is also called an abscess, infection, or inflammation of the breast.

Mastitis is due to the small cracks that can occur during breastfeeding allow bacteria to penetrate the breast causing an infection and a blockage in the breast ducts. This also causes inflammation, severe pain in the chest and a sensation of heat in the affected area.

The most obvious symptom of mastitis is swelling and pain, but it can also increase the size of the breast and pus may leak from the nipple. Mastitis is a complication of breastfeeding that can also cause increased nipple sensitivity, fever, malaise, headache, and nausea.

The main way to avoid this discomfort during breastfeeding is to completely empty the breasts at each feeding and to have good practice when breastfeeding. Also, if you have cracks, you have to take care of them early to prevent them from becoming infected. Remember that prevention in this complication of breastfeeding is very important since mastitis is a very painful and uncomfortable process.

You can apply heat using cloths several times a day, use a breast pump to extract the excess milk and take great care of hygiene in the breast during the time that the infection lasts. If you have a fever, go to a consultation for treatment. Most likely, they will prescribe antibiotics or even, in more complicated cases, it is necessary to make an incision and drain the breast's contents. Only in the latter case, it would be advisable to suspend breastfeeding, however, in all the above cases the doctor will recommend you continue breastfeeding the baby without any problem.

Mastitis is a complication of breastfeeding that occurs especially in the days after delivery. This discomfort can be contracted more than once and usually occurs mainly in one of the breasts.

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