Children's grades belong to everyone

These are days of nerves, of expectations, of hope, of fears ... there is little left for them to give the grades to the children at school and both they and we are made a cake. The well-being of summer, the tranquility of vacations and fun without constraints of time and space depend on good grades.

But, have you ever wondered what it depends on whether your children get good or bad grades? Are we parents responsible, in any way, for the academic results of our children? Maybe yes. During the first years of schooling, the mission of parents is to reinforce the knowledge acquired at school at home, helping children with homework, teaching study skills and motivating them to acquire discipline in other interesting activities such as reading.

In one of the first meetings of the course, a mother asked the teacher if she considered it mandatory for parents to do homework with the children and how much time we had to dedicate to this task, given the tightness of the homework schedule of the school. afternoon where there is hardly time to make dinner, bathe the children and sit down to dinner before going to sleep. The teacher replied that she should sit with her son until he was acquired the habit of study, which consists of starting to do your homework on your own free will and being focused for the duration of the task. Afterwards, it is convenient to be available for any questions or clarifications that the child needs.

And it is that after a hard day of work and the daily obligations of the house, many parents only need to begin to verbally force their children to sit down, at once, to do their homework and to solve math problems with the kids. But when the notes come, the regrets come too.

Meanwhile, the children think 'if I had studied more, now I could be in the pool with my friends', we are racking our brains considering other possibilities for next year in search of more time to be able to help them, to see if in this way , a summer like this is never repeated and you don't have to see him angry and with the book in front of him.

For this reason, when the notes come home, I invite you to think: and you, what grade would you give yourself? If as a parent you have passed with flying colors, congratulations! It is not an easy task, it is very hard to carry with a smile the day to day since the alarm clock rings in the morning and you get into the traffic jam on the road, the subway or the bus, until you get home at the end of the afternoon. It is tiring and demands a lot of sacrifice. Congratulations to all who have done it well.

Marisol New

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