The danger of strangling a baby's finger

It often happens. A sock that breaks and after a few hours we begin to feel excruciating pain in one of our feet. When we take off our shoe ... horror! One of the fingers appears strangled, red, and trapped in a tiny hole in cloth. This, which happens to the elderly, can also happen to a baby. The problem is that he cannot speak to warn us.

The baby can only express himself in one way: crying. However, parents often despair when they do not understand what is happening to them. Will you be hungry? Dream? Gases? Is what happened to Scott walker. Her daughter Molly, barely two months old, began to cry and cry non-stop. He did not need a diaper change, nor did he seem sleepy. The cries were getting louder and Scott didn't know what might happen.

Molly's parents began to worry when they saw that the crying did not stop. The little girl was hot. Her mother, Jess, decided to undress her. When they took off his socks, they saw with horror what was happening: long, fine hair had tangled around one of his fingers and it was giving him a tourniquet. The baby's parents carefully removed the hair, with the help of tweezers and a magnifying glass and little by little the little girl began to regain her calm. If she didn't realize it in time, Molly could have lost one of her fingers.

This case is not so unusual. Pediatricians recommend taking a good look at the baby's fingers when they have an inconsolable cry. It has happened many times. A hair, the loose thread of a sock or the child's own sock, can cause a 'strangulation' of the finger and produce cuts or even gangrene.

Molly's parents want to share their experience to alert all parents to this case.

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