Grandparents and grandchildren

Grandparents and grandchildren

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The birth of a baby completely transforms the daily life of a home. To the already existing commitments and responsibilities, other very different ones are added: that of educating the little one in the house, and accompanying their development and growth. The joys of having a baby are many, but it cannot be ignored that the work increases.

In many families, reconciling work, home, and children is a task that requires a lot of skill and, in many cases, some sacrifices. The arrival of a baby not only alters the lives of parents, but also that of many grandparents. Being able to count on them is a very valuable resource.

The presence of grandparents is a comfort and relief for many families. The changes that cause the birth of the baby affect them less than the parents, and their obligations are in a secondary plan, dependent on the "control" of the baby's parents, and the availability they have to share care, affection, and the baby's time with his in-laws.

Grandparents can provide practical assistance, support, and a chain of helpful tips for caring for the baby. The meeting of grandparents with their grandchildren is always very enriching for both sides. Many children love being with their grandparents for many different reasons. Some because next to the grandparents there are not so many orders or obligations. Others because they can do different things with them, such as making cookies together, eating sweets, going for walks, going to the park, and doing a myriad of activities that make them feel more free.

Some grandchildren see their grandparents as a friend, a kind of guide, as funny, loving, cuddly and who like to be with them. But, of course, everything depends on the way of being of the grandparents. There are also those who are just getting old and continue to treat the little ones in a very authoritarian and too demanding way. But usually, grandparents take great pleasure in their grandchildren. Being with them is also a way of personal renewal. It is having more participation in the family, and feeling younger and updated. You learn a lot with children.

It cannot always be said that the relationship of grandparents with the parents of their grandchildren is the best possible. Unfortunately, there may be conflicts regarding the type of education that is applied to the child. The generations are different and different are also the criteria of education. The younger ones cannot change the reasonings of the older ones. Grandparents are no longer to educate. They have already educated, well or badly, their children.

Grandparents are here to give affection, help out from time to time, and have a good time with their grandchildren. If the grandparents are going to be with the grandchildren, the ideal is that there is an agreement between the parties, for the good of the child and of all. For this, it is necessary that between parents and grandparents there is a calm, specific and true relationship, free of jealousy, in which respect for the demands and habits of the other reigns.

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