Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm. Children's cartoon movie

Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm. Children's cartoon movie

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The fifth installment of this animated film follows in the wake of the previous ones: guaranteed fun for the whole family. This time, the protagonists of the Ice Age saga face a possible cataclysm caused by the fall of a meteorite to Earth.

The culprit that a meteorite threatens the Earth is the friendly squirrel Scrap, who in search of his long-awaited acorn, accidentally ends up in space. The animals fight for safety and figure out how to stop the meteorite to ensure everyone's survival and save the Ice Age. Will they get it?

Ice Age: The Great Cataclysm Datasheet:

Title: Ice Age: Collision Course

Year: 2016

Nationality: USA

Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Spain / Blue Sky Studios

Director: Mike Thurmeier, Galen T. Chu

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