What are the tinnitus children hear

What are the tinnitus children hear

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The subjective sensation of hearing a sound or noise without any real external source emitting it is what it is called tinnitus or also 'tinnitus'. If your child has complained of hearing sounds without being able to locate the source, this may be it.

It is possible that people or children who have them hear either continuously or sporadically a kind of buzzing, hissing, or murmur in your ear or on your head.

Tinnitus can be caused when the child is exposed to very loud soundsAlso if you suffer from frequent middle ear infections, excess wax in the ears or tumors in the auditory nerve, among other causes.

Although according to experts it is not a common problem in the child population, some children suffer from this type of disorder that causes problems with attention and concentration, depression, insomnia and stressful situations.

It is difficult for the child who suffers from it to be able to communicate it until they are 5 or 6 years old, so it is very difficult to make an early diagnosis in many cases, also if they suffer from it from a very early age, it is likely that the child has got used to living with this disorder and consider it common.

Sometimes experts recommend generating ambient sound so that the child's central system adapts to this disorder through sound therapy.

Suspecting that our son may be suffering from tinnitus lor more recommended is to go to the otolaryngologist so that they can examine and treat you as soon as possible.

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