Cravings during pregnancy

There are plenty of stories circulating about pregnant woman cravings. There are some that are understandable, others funny, but there are others that even the baby that is about to be born no longer believes. I mean they say that when the woman has a fad for some food, she must consume it or else the baby will be born with some stain on her body.

Various studies have proven that angiomas in babies, those colored spots that appear at birth or a few days later, have nothing to do with pregnant cravings.

That is part of a popular belief, a legend, without any scientific basis. The sudden desire of women to eat something special and precisely when it is least expected, is a consequence of the metabolic and hormonal changes that she experiences during pregnancy. The woman may wish to consume a certain food as well as reject it, that is, not wanting to consume it in any way, as is the case with fried foods and coffee.

Any woman can have a craving for something special, and it doesn't always happen when she's pregnant. What's more, cravings are not always related to some food. Many times, women become infatuated and need to feel different sensations and emotions. It is important, in these cases, that she has the support and understanding of the partner, who must please her.

And to what extent should a woman's cravings be satisfied? As long as they do not affect the diet during the pregnancy. A satisfied craving will give pleasure and balance to the expectant mother, but everything should be consumed in moderation. Typically, cravings are declined for sweet foods such as ice cream, chocolate bars, cakes, biscuits, fruits, foods rich in fat and sugars.

Must staying away from high-calorie foods as much as possible, and try to control rampant hunger attacks. Both things can lead to overweight problems for women. Now I had a craving! And I'm not pregnant.

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