The best position of the pregnant woman at work

The best position of the pregnant woman at work

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Back pain, low back pain and sciatica are some of the most typical discomforts in the last trimester of pregnancy. The weight of the abdomen increases and this causes circulation problems and also a greater curvature of the dorsal area. Therefore, the posture of the pregnant woman at work (and at home) is essential when it comes to preventing future problems. The matron Susana de la Flor, from Cummater, gives us some tips to avoid these problems.

When the pregnant woman spends most of her time sitting, because she works in an office with computers, the first thing to do is to make sure that her back is fully supported by the back of the seat. For that, you can use little tricks, such as the use of footrests and that of a cushion in the dorsal area. This is what he recommends us Susana de la Flor, matron of Cummater:

'In a job in which we spend a lot of time sitting, we have to take into account that during pregnancy, and with the increase in abdominal volume, increases lumbar lordosis, which is the curvature in the back. We have to try, so that the lumbar area does not bother us, that it remains well attached to the backrest. One of the things we can do is use a footrest, which will make it easier for the lumbar area to be well attached to the backrest, and if we still can't, what I recommend is that you use a cushion. You place it so that the lower back is well supported and that will unload the lower back quite a bit. '

Another area of ​​the body that the pregnant woman should take care of if she is going to be sitting for a long time, it's the wrist zone:

'We also have to take into account if we work for example at a table with a computer, it is that the hands are more or less at the height of the elbows. That will prevent our hands from swelling and our wrists from bothering us. '

When the pregnant woman spends a lot of time on her feet working, it is necessary to differentiate if she is standing but static for many hours or on the contrary, she is standing and constantly moving:

'If we are standing static for a long time, what we have to try is to walk a little at least every half hour, to move the muscles of the legs and to promote venous return. And sit down from time to time so that your back rests. If we work standing up but moving, we have to be careful to sit down from time to time, to rest our back. And if we can, if possible, when we sit down, keep our feet up, our ankles a little higher than our hips. That way we help blood circulation to be better and we don't have so heavy legs that bother us. '

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