The world's most premature baby before and after

Sometimes we hear stories of miraculous births that came to fruition despite conditions and circumstances working against them.

This is one of those incredible happy ending stories that no one would have given a coin for, no one except two people Mhairi and Paul, the parents of the world's most premature baby.

This is the story of Jett, who was born in the 25th week of pregnancy, weighed just over 600 grams and despite everything being against him, he managed to survive.

Mhairi Morris's waters broke in the 20th week of pregnancy, around five months of gestation. Doctors never thought that the baby could be born alive and strongly advised ending the pregnancy.

They pressured the parents to abort since the baby would not be able to breathe outside the uterus, his lungs were undeveloped, he would suffer brain damage, and there was no precedent. They were not ready to treat preterm infants before week 28.

The stubborn Morris family decided to move on thinking that there was no case like another and they could make it.

Mhari and her husband Paul ignored medical advice and five weeks later Jett was born in the hospital in Portsmouth, UK. He was the most premature baby ever born, a huge preemie who was born at week 25.

He weighed only 624 grams, was as big as the palm of his father's hand and, despite the fact that he had managed to be born, the doctors kept thinking that he would not be able to live more than a few hours or days. He had liver and lung problems, holes in his heart, and some of his organs had not fully developed.

What happened next can be classified as a medical miracle, JEtt managed to overcome the first days and even gradually improved in his incubator. He became strong, he grew, the holes in his heart began to close and after a few months he began to breathe on his own. Jet, who was deemed a "nonviable fetus", was ready to go home.

Today, he is two years old, he is a normal child, he will be a normal adult and although he has certain lung problems and a heart murmur, he leads a life like that of any child.

A lesson in fighting like few others of a baby so small that it could slip into the hands of its parents and an even greater one of trust, improvement, faith and love of parents for their little miracle baby.

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