Why many mothers today have only one child

Why many mothers today have only one child

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Today it is not strange that many parents decide to have only one child, the statistics show it: the birth rate continues to fall while the number of only children has risen.

It is not only China that takes the medal to the country with the most only children, with 80 million children who do not have siblings, other countries such as Colombia, Spain, Great Britain or Colombia have seen their rates of families with only children grow.

Surely if you look around you, you know more than one case of families with only one child, when a few years ago they were in the minority and they were pouting because it was not well understood why those parents had not given their child a baby brother.

- The delay in maternity: more and more women become mothers later and have their first child after 35 and even 40. This is because many women prefer to achieve professionally and delay the desire to be mothers. In addition, by postponing the birth of the first child, having a second baby becomes more complicated biologically because fertility decreases.

- Economic reasons: the global crisis, the precarious world of work and low wages mean that many parents cannot afford the expenses of having two or more children.

- By conviction: It is not unusual to find couples who decide to have only one child because they believe it is the best decision, simply because they want to and think that they will be able to dedicate their effort and attention to their child better than if they had more children.

- Increased separations: In recent years the number of separations has also increased, especially after the first birth, so when a marriage breaks up, so does the family project they had raised.

- Lack of conciliation: Carrying family and work life in parallel is not easy with a child. With two children it gets complicated and with three or more it becomes crazy. The lack of aid for conciliation means that many families settle after their first child.

- Not frowned upon: many psychologists and theories have dismantled the myth that the only child is overprotected, is a capricious pampered and lacks when it comes to relating to others. The only child is or can be the same as the one with siblings.

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