Clowns and their healing power for sick children

Clowns and their healing power for sick children

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The magical power of a smile. A sick child can suffer states of fear, depression and dejection. Just like his parents. If your family is going through something similar, we want you to know the mission of the hospital clowns. We invite Juan Manuel Múnera, director of the Mediclaun Colombia Foundation, also known as the 'Ping Pong' clown, to tell us about this noble mission of healing sick children with a smile. Red nose doctors work with joy, their best medicine.

- Releases endorphins: According to Juan Manuel, the important thing about laughter and happiness is that they stimulate a hormone that we have, which is endorphin, which is a natural liquid stronger than morphine and that does not produce brain damage or addiction, what it does is give us happiness , well-being and leave our body very relaxed.

- The body gets sick but not the soul: Juan Manuel says that parents should know that the child is biologically ill but has relieved his spirit and fantasy, so he recommends affection therapy. He advises to keep children always cared for, happy and positive because they are in a hospital and they have to be there to protect it, to take care of it.

- A gift for children: For this hospital clown, the best gift for a sick child is the family and that others call him by his name, so he recommends that together 'we work with that illusion and that fantasy of that child and surely he will be a lot better in this space; both in the hospital and at home. It is to give that trust, an affection, a love, an affection ', to the sick child.

- The role of dads: According to Juan Manuel or 'Ping Pong', 'the child is a being who knows he is sick and is the first person to accept how he is. We adults are the ones who indulge in tragedy. ' It affirms that the families of the children who are confident and secure help them in their recovery process.

- The child always communicates: In his experience as a hospital clown, he says that hospitalized children do not have to laugh, some even because of their condition cannot, but they raise their eyebrows or express their attention with a look. What these therapeutic clowns do is look them in the eye and tell them with their actions “you are a valuable being and today we are here but tomorrow we will be much better”.

He affirms that the role of hospital clowns is becoming more and more important and more professional, that is why laws are being implemented in places like Argentina, specifically in Buenos Aires, so that hospitals have hospital clowns in pediatric wards.

Finally, 'Ping Pong' or Juan Manuel Múnera advises us, that in a preventive way parents and children laugh more because we attack the stress that ages us, oxidizes and damages our body, and that finally takes us to a hospital.

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