Can children dye their hair in colors?

Can children dye their hair in colors?

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In the 80s it was very normal to see young people and even teenagers with hair dyed in bold and striking colors. The goal was to break the rules and get attention. Today, more than 30 years later, it is the children who ask for a radical makeover. Every time we see little ones with haircuts impossible to comb (in the style of their idols) and even incredible colors and even piercings.

Are there any physical risks for children? Any psychological risk?

The daughter of Mary Thomaston (Florida, USA) has become famous. The reason? the color of her hair, a daring mix of fantasy tones. Or as Mary herself says: 'in the style of a unicorn'. Little Lyra, only 6 years old, happily displays her mane, a mixture of aqua green and small details of fuchsia and yellow. Her mother is a stylist, and the little girl has seen the hair of many clients dyed ... Lyra had been asking her mother to change her hair color for many years, and Mary resisted, until the little girl suggested: ' school ... will you? ' And so it was done.

Evidently, Mary did not use chemicals, nor did she bleach the little girl's hair, since it is a very aggressive process. The girl, being blonde, only had to put on a non-permanent natural dye. The dye, being temporary, goes with the washes.

It seems that if before painting their nails or lips was already an achievement for girls, now they go further ... Are they starting to push the limits too much? Many people wonder: Why do they want to be adults before their time?

For a child, says the mother of the little girl with the 'unicorn' hair, changing hair color is like a game. Why not let them play with colors? However, many other people think that it is not just a game, but a dangerous approach to 'rights' that were previously destined for adulthood.

Regarding the health issue, dermatologists recommend not using permanent dyes or bleaching children's hair before age 16. However, temporary dyes of vegetable origin can be used without problems.

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