Changing the diaper to the four-handed baby

All help is little when new parents are faced with the difficult task of changing their newborn baby's first diapers. When it has never been done, the first diaper change is like the debut in the first practice job at the end of the race. We know all the theory, we have gotten good grades and the moment of truth has come.

We have in the changing table, converted into an operating table, everything we need and we hope that we have not forgotten anything because if we are not lost. Still we lack help, more hands, wipes, sponges and practical knowledge to clean everything properly.

The first time is never easy and less with our baby. It is curious, as all new parents know, to realize that our baby is very demanding and that he does not intend to make it easy for us from the first diaper change. Rarely, we need to change a urine diaper the first time, it is usually filled with meconium. It is the first pet of our newborn, a glorious event that everyone applauds in motherhood, from the grandparents to the midwife to the health personnel, and it indicates that the baby's intestine has started to work wonderfully and is healthy.

This first attempt at getting our baby clean and comfortable reminds me of the first time I drove around town by myself. Until you get used to it, the fact of being aware of who is ahead and behind you, the traffic signals, whether the car asks us for second or third gear ... overwhelms you. Something similar happens when our child changes diapers for the first time, you need four hands, especially to change some pets, but also and of course to take care of so many things at the same time ... While, for a On the other hand, you need to hold the baby so that it does not fall from the changing table, which has become an improvised operating table, on the other you need more hands for the washcloth, to leave the dirty one in a safe place, and dry the baby's bottom, remove the cream from the container, unscrew the cap and spread the cream. Finally, it is necessary to try not to impregnate the cream in the changing table before placing the diaper under the bottom and closing it without the baby moving around, dislodging the entire operation.

So if you have been lucky enough to take this first practical test for first-time parents as a couple, congratulations! It is as gratifying as presenting a group work in which everyone collaborates. While one holds the baby, the other removes the dirty diaper and struggles with the wipe or wipes, the cream, the placement of the clean diaper and the belcros that do not always fit when they stick and come off again and again until we get them on. on your site.

Was her diaper too tight? Will it take your breath away? ... What doubts! I'm going to drop it a little more, just in case. Anyway, we soon learned that that "just in case" meant that if the diaper was too loose, bye! The diaper no longer fulfilled its retention function, its function was lost and the liquid and solid leaked out and stained the clothes of the baby, the crib, the stroller or the person who was holding it at that moment. Changing your baby's diaper is an art, a skill that must be learned. Luckily after a few hundred diapers, most of us could even do it with our eyes closed, don't you think?

Marisol New.
Illustration by Glòria Vives.
Illustrator and author of the book40 weeks. Chronicle of a pregnancy.

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