Playing baby toss can be deadly

Playing baby toss can be deadly

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It is a very common game between parents and children: parents throw our son into the air to let him fall back into our arms. A game that amuses many children although others are terrified.

Many babies and children enjoy that feeling of emptiness in the stomach and adults love to hear the laugh of our children. However, you may never have considered the following: this simple and seemingly harmless game can be very dangerous, even causing the death of the child.

It is possible that when reading this you think that the information is alarmist since your father did it to you, you do it to your children and you have never, never heard the case of a child who died from playing throwing it in the air. Well, the data is not invented by me, it comes from medical sources and there are associations that help inform about risks such as the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The simple game of throwing the child into the air may end in tragedy, and not precisely because it ends up on the ground, which will have happened to some, but because during the first months of the baby's life the child's neck muscles are not very stiff and the fontanelles have not even closed yet. So it could be the same as shaken baby syndrome.

When babies are shaken violently, as can happen when thrown into the air, the baby's fragile brain collides with the walls of the skull, this causes blood vessels to be damaged and even bleed and may form a clot inside the head, whose prognosis could be the death of the child.

Death occurs in severe cases, from sudden shaking or parental mistakes, however, there are other secondary disorders that can also occur:

- Hearing loss.

- Brain damage.

- Seizures.

- Epilepsy.

- Blindness.

- Learning and speech disorders.

- Injuries to the spinal cord.

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