10 tips to teach your children to save energy

The energy we use to run the computer, to light our house or to heat the water in the shower, is generated by our planet. However, as we exploit our natural resources more, they are depleted. Giving them a logical use of energy in our home, teaching our children the need to save energy, will help us all to take better care of the earth.

TheOctober 21 is celebrated World Energy Saving Day. It is a good occasion to reflect with the children, on the energy consumption that we carry out at home, and adopt measures so that we can save it.

Admittedly, we waste energy at home. Who has not left a light on unnecessarily, or has not recycled correctly or has used the car for a short journey ...? I do. The first thing we have to do is apply energy measures ourselves, but it is also basicteach our children from an early age how to save energy.There are many ways to ensure that our home does not waste, I tell you some that we can put into practice in our family.

1. It is not necessary to drive everywhere, a family trip to your destination if it is short, a bicycle ride or even go by public transport is a very ecological practice and helps to save energy.

2. Turn on the lights when you really need them, meanwhile, take advantage of natural light.

3. Teach your children, from a very young age, to turn off the lights once they leave the room. Sometimes we do not realize it and most of the house is lit, unnecessarily. When we leave the house, we must check to make sure that no lights have been left on.

4. When your children are young, the ideal is to bathe them, since they do not have enough stability to shower. However, as soon as you see that they can stand in the shower without problems, substitute a shower for the bath.

5. Teach your children the value of recycling. Educate them to know the different types of recycling and where they are to throw the garbage according to its nature.

6. When they finish watching pictures on TV or their favorite show, do not turn off the TV with the remote controlbut with the switch. Many computers continue to use electricity even when they are turned off. It is convenient to unplug if your TV does not have a full off button.

7. Leading by example is the best way. If you leave the phone plugged into the charger despite having finished charging, you open the fridge for longer than necessary, you put food in it that does not need cold to keep itself or your computer is always on, it will be difficult for them to learn good energy habits.

8. Your children can help you with the laundry and you can take this moment to teach them another trick to use less energy: do not use a dryer, but let the sun dry the clothes.

9. If we are going to wash our hands before eating and it is not very cold, it is not necessary to open the hot water tap, we can wash our hands with cold water.

10. Check if you have Energy saving lightbulbs or there is still some incandescent. The low consumption ones use five times less than the incandescent ones and have a useful life up to 15 times longer.

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