Come on shepherds come on. Christmas carols for children

In we bring you the best of Christmas. This time a traditional Christmas carol with which generation after generation have enjoyed Christmas especially in Latin America composed by Jeremías Quintero, who is said to have composed about 3,000 Christmas carols. His lyrics are easy and his melody is soft and cheerful. We invite you to enjoy the lyrics of the Christmas song: Vamos Pastores Vamos.

Come on shepherds, come on

let's go to Bethlehem
to see in that child
the glory of Eden,
to see in that child
the glory of Eden.

That precious boy!
I die for Him
I love her little eyes
her little mouth too,
the father caresses him
the mother looks at him
and the two ecstatic
they contemplate that being.
They contemplate that being.

A stable is a cradle,
his house is a portal
and on hard straws
for our love it is.
There the little boy sleeps
next to a mule and an ox,
and well sheltered,
with a white diaper.
With a white diaper.

The little boy is so cute
that can never be
let her beauty copy
the pencil and the brush;
for the Eternal Father
with immense power
made the Son be
immense like Him.
Immense like Him.

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