How can I prevent my child from being bullied

How can I prevent my child from being bullied

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All parents are concerned that our son or daughter will become the target of some bully, either at school or elsewhere. We are concerned that he does not know how to defend himself or that he does not have the necessary tools to protect himself from the emotional or physical attacks of these types of children.

1. Self-esteem: Prevention is key in this type of situation and if there is something we can do for our children against the aggressions or intimidation of other children before they happen, it is to “vaccinate” them against them. One of the vaccines with the highest protective factor is called self-esteem and this is created and strengthened in a warm, safe and stable family environment, free from family violence where authoritarian or overprotective parenting styles have no place.

Self-esteem is the ability to love, value and respect oneself, accepting oneself as one is. Good self-esteem is closely related to the development of a good self-concept and adequate social skills. Key factors to relate appropriately with oneself and with others, which makes the child an assertive person and not aggressive or passive.

The strengthening self-esteem empowers children to defend themselves, to assert yourself and therefore to get rid of your stalker. When the child has good self-esteem, he is better able to defuse the bullying of his aggressor.

In order to strengthen the self-esteem of our children it is necessary to avoid being too rigid or authoritarian with them, fleeing at all times any type of physical or verbal violence. When parents display behaviors such as those described above, children are more likely to be shy, withdrawn, insecure, rebellious, or aggressive. The former will be more likely to become victims while the latter will be more likely to become bullies or stalkers.

When the potential victim of bullying has a good self-esteem, there are fewer weak points. Therefore, it is essential that the family provide healthy and loving experiences that allow the development of healthy self-esteem and a positive self-concept that allow the development of critical thinking at any time of difficulty.

2. Assertiveness and empathy: are two other vaccines against bullying that we must promote both from the family and from the school. An environment free from bullying is possible if we educate our children and students to put themselves in the place of others, understanding their suffering. An environment free from harassment is possible if we teach them to express their opinions while respecting the rights of others, to negotiate or to ask for help when needed.

To avoid intimidating our children, it is necessary to vaccinate them with self-esteem, empathy and assertiveness.

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