Coping with having a child with ADHD

Living with a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is not an easy task. It is an undeniable fact that having a child with ADHD influences the dynamics of the family and creates stress for the parents.

Many parents do not have the tools or resources to cope with and manage their child's behaviors appropriately, and as a result, this creates feelings of frustration and helplessness.

Knowing ADHD and learning to effectively manage the inappropriate behaviors that the child manifests is the key to reducing the level of tension among family members and in turn improve the environment at home. Therefore, in this article, we offer you some recommendations:

1- Do not lose control.

Emotions are highly contagious and we cannot forget that parents are the main role model for their children. Therefore, if our goal is for the child to listen to us and internalize what we are saying, it is important that we address him with great affection and firmness, but always from a state of calm and tranquility (take care of the tone of voice, crouch at his height and look him straight in the eye, adopt a comfortable and relaxed body posture, avoid accusations and reproaches, etc.).

2- Do not label the child.

It is highly recommended that parents do not define the child by their behaviors. You must avoid expressions such as: "you are bad", "you are stupid", "you are nervous", "you are clueless", etc. This can alter a child's self-esteem and lead to a negative self-image. Allusion should be made to their behavior and not to the child himself. That is, it is not the same to say "you are bad" than "your behavior right now is not being adequate."

3- Establish rules and limits.

A child with clear rules and well-defined limits is a happy child. It is necessary that there is constant discipline at home and that parents apply proportionate and consistent consequences each time the child engages in inappropriate behavior. This will help the child to develop self-control and self-regulation strategies.

4- Reinforce positive behaviors.

On many occasions, parents of children with ADHD spend most of their time pointing out what they are doing wrong, and sometimes they forget to point out and reinforce what they do well. If we want a behavior to be repeated, we must reinforce it, so if the child manifests an appropriate behavior, picks up his toys for example, it is recommended that we praise and congratulate him for it (very good! We are proud of you! You have done it very well!). By reinforcing the appropriate behaviors, we encourage the behavior to be repeated.

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