How much does it cost to have a baby in Venezuela

If you are about to see your baby's face, surely you have everything ready for his arrival in the world. If you are still thinking about expanding the family, you should bear in mind that during the first year of our child's life it is necessary to assume a series of quite high initial expenses.

In Venezuela, during the baby's first year of life, each family assumes a very important expense, it includes all the essential utensils elements to welcome our child in our home, including the expenses of the accessories, clothes, diaper expenses, food expenses and childcare expenses.

Depending on the brand we choose and the store in which we purchase the price of these products, the initial expenses figure for the first year of life of our baby can vary greatly, it also depends on whether or not the type of product is scarce in supermarkets. .

What is the cost of the 5 basic initial expenses involved in having a baby in Venezuela:

1- Diapers: If we opt for disposable diapers, the price of the 24-unit package can range from 95 bolivars to 1,000, given their absence on supermarket shelves. Considering therefore an average expenditure per package of 350 bolivars and taking into account that on average the baby spends about 6 diapers per day, we would have an initial expenditure during the first 12 months of 31,500 bolivars only on diapers. Another option is to use the traditional cotton cloth diapers whose cost is 6000 bolivars for a 6-unit package. To this figure we have to add the cost of wet towels, the price of which is about Bs 650 for a package of 72 towels.

2- The complements Essentials involve an average cost of more than 166,000 bolivars: the baby needs a bathtub whose average price is Bs 1,350, a car to go for a walk that can cost on average Bs 75,000, the crib that has an average cost of Bs 90,000.

3- Food: If the baby takes exclusive breastfeeding, we save this expense, but if not, and the mother cannot breastfeed the baby to the expenses of the baby's first year, we have to add the cost of the pediatric formula, which has a value of between 2000 and 10,000 bolivars due to shortages.

4- Nursery: if both the mother and the father of the baby work, the expenses of the first year of our child also entail the expenses of the special care centers for babies that can cost on average between 25 and 60 thousand bolivars per month.

5- Clothes: we have to bear in mind that babies grow rapidly so to the expenses of the first year we have to add the expenses of buying clothes. In Venezuela, a bodysuit ranges between 5 and 7 thousand bolivars, the sets between 10 and 15 thousand bolivars and the footwear between 3 and 8 thousand bolivars.

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