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Dzidziuś junior foam for washing and playing - bubble gum

Dzidziuś junior foam for washing and playing - bubble gum

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I am quite reluctant to approach cosmetics for children that are colorful and fragrant, because they are usually allergic. Unfortunately, my son has quite sensitive skin, which is why we usually reach for emollients.

Unfortunately, one day in the bathroom there was nothing to bathe a toddler in (because I would not have had the courage to use cosmetics for adults), and that larger purchases were not planned, so a nearby shop remained. The offer included only two types of cosmetics for childcare. I faced a big dilemma ...

One fairly reputable company, however, strongly sensitizes my son. The second cosmetic was "Dzidziuś junior foam for washing and playing". The saleswoman, trying to convince me to shop, touted that she had been dermatologically tested, without allergens and not stinging the eyes (which the manufacturer indicated on the label).

I was very skeptical about the bottle with the pump, the colorful inscriptions, the blue creature, and after unscrewing the cap ... well, nothing unusual - a blue liquid that immediately associated me with water in which someone had previously cleaned the brush with blue paint.

The smell turned out to be quite nice, sugary (although on the packaging there is an inscription - bubble gum). I started to sniff that it probably was allergic, inefficient, etc., but the saleswoman did not give up, she recommended a purchase, and I decided that I had to take a bath in something and decided to go home with the liquid.

During the evening bath with the use of a new cosmetic, every now and then we could hear cheers of my son's joy: mother, foam, foam !!!!

Indeed, after starting the pump, a light blue foam with a beautiful sweet smell emitted from the bottle, which means that the child does not want to part with it. The bath becomes very pleasant because the smell rises throughout the house for a long time afterwards, and the foam's consistency encourages the toddler to wash.

To my surprise, the foam is quite efficient, despite the seemingly small 275 ml bottle. For daily bathing, we'll probably have a long time left (after about two weeks, we have more than half the bottle left).

The producer (Pollena Ostrzeszów) indicates that the cosmetic does not dry and does not irritate the epidermis, which in the case of son's skin worked 100%, the foam was additionally enriched with the AEF vitamin complex, ensuring optimal skin lubrication and nutrition.

Cosmetic does not contain parabens and allergens and does not sting the eyes. Foam can be purchased for about 8-9 PLN.

It is available in three variants: with almond oil (for children over 1 month of age) and with a strawberry and bubble gum scent.

I didn't notice the flaws, so I honestly recommend it. In my home, the product has become a hit not only for my son (washing foam with him a lot of joy), but also for me because so far I have not noticed any allergic reactions on his skin.