How to correct excess sugar in children's diets

How to correct excess sugar in children's diets

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Although controlling the consumption of carbohydrates is sensible, it is not convenient to demonize them, since carbohydrates are not bad, neither for adults nor for children, but they are necessary for the optimal functioning of the human body.

Sugar is metabolized in the body as a carbohydrate, but also as fat. Simple carbohydrates are easy to go overboard with, but There are ways to prevent children from taking in excess sugar, unnecessary and harmful to health. On our site we tell you how.

Complex carbohydrates are hydrolyzed dividing into monosaccharides or simple sugars, and these pass into the bloodstream to reach all the cells of the body. On the other hand, simple carbohydrates, such as glucose or fructose, present in fruit and refined products, pass directly into the blood, increasing levels quickly or producing what are known as glucose spikes.

Once these simple sugars pass into the blood, the pancreas begins to produce insulin, necessary for the cells to receive their supply of sugar, that is, for that circulating sugar to be used as energy.

Glucose is metabolized as a carbohydrate but is stored in the body as fat, while fructose is metabolized directly in the liver, turning mostly into fat, hence no more carbohydrates should be consumed than necessary.

It is very easy to overindulge in simple carbohydrates, and much more difficult to break that habit, but educating the palate to a minimum amount of sweet is a positive habit in the nutritional education of our children. Let's see some guidelines to try to achieve it.

- Observe the labeling of the food that we offer to our children. Most of the products offered for breakfast are excessively rich in sugars, and should be avoided. One idea would be to substitute sugary cereals for their whole grain counterparts, mixing them in different proportions until the former is completely eliminated, and in the same way with cookies or cocoa for milk.

- Avoid sugary and flavored yogurts and, as with breakfast, decrease the amount of sugar added until the child accepts natural yogurts well. You can also add fruit if you like.

- Do not offer industrial sweets or sweets as prizes and avoid juices, especially industrial ones. Offer fresh fruit instead.

- Industrial ice creams have excess simple sugars, However, making fruit ice cream at home is not complicated at all. Ripe strawberries and bananas, crushed with a teaspoon of lemon juice to prevent oxidation and frozen in the form of popsicles are a great way to combine fruit and sweet.

It should not be forgotten that the process must be gradual to ensure that the results last in the long term.

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