Babies sing in the womb

We already knew that babies are capable of appreciating sounds and voices since they are in the womb. But not only do they listen to what is happening outside, but they are also capable of reacting to these stimuli and they do so much earlier than previously thought.

According to a study carried out by the Instituto Marqués de Barcelona, ​​from 16 weeks of gestation babies are able to communicate with the world by reacting through gestures to different stimuli, which is why they begin to develop the pre-speech phase from the moment they are in the womb.

To verify this, they exposed the babies to music emitted near the mother's genital area, and through an ultrasound device they observed the reaction of the little ones.

Most of them responded to this stimulus by opening their mouths, sticking out their tongue and even moving it, as if they were singing. It is their way of communicating with the outside world. Although they only responded in this way to noises emitted in accordance with songs, and not to nonsensical noises, and only to those noises emitted via the vagina.

According to this study, it is useless to put music to the baby through headphones placed on the belly or singing to it, since in order for them to be able to react to these stimuli it is necessary to break the barrier of the abdominal layers of the uterus that causes the sound to arrive distorted and I hardly noticed it, and the only way to do it is vaginal route.

Researchers have designed a silicone speaker called 'Babypod' with which this stimulation can be carried out and that is already commercialized. It is inserted into the vagina and through a cable is connected to a music player.

Thanks to the discovery of these scientists we know that babies are able to hear and react to sound stimuli from 16 weeks of gestation, which helps us to enhance and stimulate the communication area of ​​their brains in advance, also favoring their intelligence.

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