The name Alejandro is the most common among boys

The name Alejandro is the most common among boys

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For the first time the name Alejandro is the most frequent among Spanish children. The traditional name José was the most common among men in the 20s, 30s and 40s of the last century. The fashion among parents in the 50s and 60s was to choose the name Antonio. Later, the preferred name for baptisms was the name David, who held the lead in the ranking of the most frequent men's names in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

With the new XXI century, a new name occupies the preference of parents to name their children: Alejandro. Alejandro is a masculine name of Greek origin "Aléxandros" that arises from "Aléxo" and "andrós"; and that means "He who protects or forcefully separates man". Alexander is also the name of a saint. Alexander was the patriarch of Alexandria; was born in 250.

He belonged to the early Church and was noted for his concern with the poor. He carried out his work during Arianism against heresy. When Aquillas died (successor of Peter in the See of Alexandria), Alexander succeeded him in the year 313. He carried out a great evangelical and conciliatory work in the face of the problems in the Churches of Egypt, raised the Church of San Teonás, and fought in defense of Christian orthodoxy. His Saint is celebrated on February 26.

NAME Per 1,000

  1. ALEJANDRO 33.7
  2. DANIEL 26.0
  3. DAVID 25.7
  4. PAUL 25.5
  5. ADRIAN 21.8
  6. JAVIER 21.5
  7. ALVARO 19.6
  8. SERGIO 17.2
  9. CARLOS 16.1
  10. IVAN 13.5
  11. JORGE 13.4
  12. RAUL 12.5
  13. DIEGO 12.2
  14. MANUEL 12.2
  15. MARIO 11.8
  16. MIGUEL 11.6
  17. ANTONIO 11.4
  18. RUBEN 10.2
  19. VICTOR 9.7

(Source INE)

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