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Polar Gear Baby travel feeding seat

Polar Gear Baby travel feeding seat

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Many parents leave the house, whether grandparents or restaurants, wondering if the place will be adapted to children, whether there will be armchairs, whether grandfather and grandmother will have something to put on the chair so that the child reaches the table or has a vision of the tired parents with a child seated on their lap. Meanwhile, many companies have overcome these problems by creating travel feeding seats. They are available soft, like a sack or hammock attached to chairs, are suspended and attached to the table top. There are also plastic seats folded into a small suitcase like the Polar Gear Baby brand. A few words about the last.
The advantage over other proposals is that soft seats advertised with their universality, in fact, they do not "lift" our child so that it reaches the top, and they are flexible enough that the child can hang around in his will. These suspended are much more expensive and I am not convinced that everyone would like to share their tabletop with us, so that we can attach a baby chair to it.

Traveling Polar Gear car seats are characterized by multicolored diversity, various designs, both elegant with dots or circles as well as fairy-tale ones with Winnie the Pooh or characters from Toy Story.


  • The seat folds into a small suitcase.
  • The upper part of the backrest contains a magnet that closes the case.
  • Adjustable length of all fasteners allows you to mount the car seat on every chair with a backrest.
  • The plastic cover makes it easy to keep the whole seat clean.
  • The additional oilcloth can be used both as a changing table "in the field" but also as a cover for the upholstered chair seat (against food or baby shoes).
  • Very aesthetic and durable product.
  • The lightweight car seat also has a foam insert that "raises" our child to the table level.
  • A great alternative to small apartments, with grandparents or when we have several children, and only one car seat.
  • There are similar car seats on the market, but with a lower backrest. Here it is so high that the child will not run out of support, e.g. at shoulder height.


  • Relatively high price (around 110-140 PLN). However, considering the aesthetics and quality, the price is very affordable.

Travel feeding chair can be used daily, not only when traveling. It is a fantastic solution when we go with a child for a family dinner or holidays. Then, when we are dressed properly, we do not want our child to dirty us with pieces of food or not completely clean shoes. Feeding on the sofa or in the kitchen is also not the most pleasant solutions. With such a car seat we become independent. Our child can eat alone from a plate, sitting like a full guest at the table, with everyone.

This seat can also be used use at home. While we are doing something at the table, we can plant a child and give him a coloring book, for example. In this case, mother and child "work" together, each on their work.

Our car seat has been serving us since June, several times a week. Waiting in the trunk until it is used. My daughter tests him very intensively, she is a busy child, independent, which is not always good. The seat looks unused despite such use. Oilcloth is a sensational addition, which has often saved us from washing the upholstery of a chair seat with spaghetti or other sauce. Easy to transport, light has become our plan B as more children appear at home and the time of meal is approaching. Many friends after leaving us went to the store for the same invention.