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Is drinking zero beer pregnant? About non-alcoholic beers

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is prohibited. Wine, beer is prohibited, all the more vodka and other stronger drinks. Unless we reach for non-alcoholic drinks. Not low alcohol, but non-alcoholic (a significant difference), and 0.0% of these beers are currently available.

Non-alcoholic beers - you can drink during pregnancy

Real Beer Must Have Alcohol? That was thought until recently. Currently, there is a different view, precisely from the time when it was decided to change the way breweries were produced to eliminate alcohol from them.

Percentages are removed only after brewing beer, which has a significantly smaller impact on the taste of the resulting drink. Thanks to this, even the greatest connoisseurs argue that non-alcoholic beer can be as tasty as classic.

The sale of non-alcoholic beers is growing every year. Demand is growing not only because of pregnant or lactating women, but also because of the fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Non-alcoholic beer is used by athletes, very active people who want to avoid indisposition after drinking alcohol, as well as motorists.

Pregnant women often reach for non-alcoholic beers due to the taste of the beer and the opportunity to satisfy their thirst. Until now, future mothers had to wait for the baby to be born or breastfeeding. Today they can drink (non-alcoholic) beer also during pregnancy.

Non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy, safe for the child

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy has a destructive effect on fetal development. It can cause damage to the nervous system, hearing or vision problems, and many other effects. That is why all health organizations warn against reaching for alcohol during pregnancy.

The situation is different with non-alcoholic beer. It is safe during pregnancy. It does not contain alcohol, so it can be drunk by future mothers, as well as breastfeeding women.

However, beware! It is different in the case of low-alcohol beers, which contain a small amount of alcohol. Those who are pregnant are prohibited! Therefore, a pregnant woman should carefully pay attention to the information on the label before drinking a beer. And choose only 0.0% beers.

You can drink non-alcoholic beer (0%) during pregnancy. It is forbidden to drink low-alcohol beer or classic beer.

Additions to beer - attention!

Although non-alcoholic beer during pregnancy is not prohibited, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the drink. It is often long and contains many unnecessary substances whose presence in the daily diet is not indicated.

Therefore, ideally, if 0.0% beer will be present sporadically in the menu of future mums. Ideally, if it is treated as an interesting alternative, an option for family gatherings or with friends. Of course, more frequent reaching for non-alcoholic beers, just like for colorful carbonated drinks will most likely not have negative effects, but it is worth bearing in mind the health recommendations. And these emphasize the need to make wise food choices on a daily basis.