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"Kropka z Błędem" Anna Taraska - I would like to see more such children's books, please

"Kropka z Błędem" Anna Taraska - I would like to see more such children's books, please

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"Mom, write that this is a cool book and you recommend ... very much." - eight years old. "Yes, write, be sure to write! Let children get to know Kropka ”- five-year-old.

"Dot with an error" is our discovery of recent weeks. An amazing story about the secret life of punctuation. Ideal not only for children who started education at school, but also for their younger siblings and even parents. This is one of those books that you read with a great pleasure. Fun guaranteed not only on the side of the youngest, but also parents.

What is so amazing about "Dot with Error"? Primarily story idea! Anna Taraska takes up a topic that is original in itself, and often surprises with its form and funny associations. I want to shout "Well! More books, please."

It all starts with the Dot, who on the pages of the notebook dreams that when she grows up, she will be the dot above and. For now, however, she is playing with her friend - Mistake. He drinks ink teas, flips goats and jumps from line to line. One day, however, her friend disappears, and Dot cannot find him. He begins to worry and decides to go in search of a friend. Its purpose is one - to find a Mistake (so "Mistake" - not a "mistake"). Life without him is so boring and gray that he can't stand it ... Because we need mistakes!

First, he looks in his notebook, and then jumps to other places - he visits a notebook full of errors, but there is no Error there (yes - Error, not error), a notebook with a staff, an old math textbook. Along the way, he meets many interesting people - including an Old Lady, or ... an outdated date.

Does she manage to find Błęda? Or maybe the corrector got him and he died forever? How will this amazing story end?

I highly recommend you read! You won't regret it!

I would like to thank the Moje Sisters Publishing House for the opportunity to review the book.