"Grandma Dziergajka" Margarett Borroughdame. Sosrodzice.pl patronage

"Grandma Dziergajka" Margarett Borroughdame. Sosrodzice.pl patronage

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"Grandma Dziergajka" by Margarett Borroughdame is a warm tale in a poem for the youngest. Despite its small size and apparent simplicity, it touches on various topics: it talks about passion, love and transience. On several pages, it reminds you of the most important things in life. We recommend this edition to all parents, teachers and grandparents who are looking for wise and beautiful stories for children.

Noteworthy is also great graphics. If you like watching beautiful illustrations with your children, we encourage you to read this story.

"Grandma Dziergajka" is a poem full of humor, warmth, love and reflection, about an extraordinary grandmother who remarkably - because through her original hobby - expressed her love for loved ones. Did loved ones like it? What passion was that? You will learn from the book! In her, Margarett Borroughdame shows that stereotypes and the traditional division of social roles into female and male do not matter, how much passion and hobby can be, and what power love has, which knows no boundaries of space or time. The author touches on the subject of transience and farewell to loved ones in a subtle and reflective way. The poem ends with an optimistic punch line that helps children build a positive picture of the world - the magic of feelings and our daily achievements is a trace that we leave behind. The book encourages children to talk about difficult topics. Written in beautiful language, full of plastic descriptions, shapes, colors and situations, illustrated with class and humor!

We strongly encourage you to read the book and friendship with Grandma Dziergajka! The SOS Rodzice.pl portal patronizes the first edition of the book.