"Of course it will come on May 2nd and 4th. Should I sit at home with her all week? "

Holidays and days that surround them are not the best time for parents of young children. Not everyone has time off, you need to provide care for a few-year-old, groups and kindergarten declarations in the kindergartens who and when will bring the child. All to ensure the right number of staff. By the way, you can learn the truth about how parents, some kindergarten teachers perceive us.

Magdalena writes in a group created for kindergarten teachers: "I already work so much with children, and my parents still surprise me.
I am asking my mother today whether she will bring her daughter to kindergarten on May 2 and 4, and she will say:
Well of course!!!! I have to sit with her at home all week ???? (original spelling). Karolina adds: "I once heard:" Yes, because they will take my whole house away ". In turn, Sylwia's statement leaves no doubt: "A whole week with your own child? NEVER !!! There was also the text: "I can't deal with them at home, I will send it to kindergarten."

How is it? Children bother us? Do we do everything to get rid of them? Or maybe we're just so tired that we need a break. Do others have the right to evaluate our decisions? Should preschool teachers do this?

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When my mother is not working ...

It can be said that the situation is different when both parents work and one does not go to work. Not everyone can afford a vacation during the so-called long weekends. Not always because of the fact that "bad" has free time, but often because the boss does not grant leave during a given period, because it is usually a particularly busy time in the industry.

Then what?

A problem appears. You can drive children to grandma. What is not always easy, it happens that grandmothers work alone, live far away, for various reasons do not want or can not take care of grandchildren. Another option? This is of course employing a babysitter. In combination with going to kindergarten on days when the facility is open, it is possible. However, it generates costs ...

What if the mother does not work professionally and can leave the children at home during the so-called long weekends and intertwining working days and does not want it at all? Apparently this is a very common phenomenon.

Magda, a kindergarten teacher: "It was usually so on my days off that parents who did not work brought children, and those who worked left their children at home ..."

When a child disturbs us ... Unpleasant reality

Natalia, a kindergarten teacher, writes in the same thread on the forum: "We have a mother of a child who, when he falls asleep in sunbathing for a few minutes, makes us an affair. Because when I pick up my son at 15 from kindergarten, he won't fall asleep at 17. "

"As for me, nothing new. Some people could bring it on weekends, too. "Agata

"I'm just wondering why children, if a parent with him can not stand the whole week ... feel sorry for the child only. "Ania

"I heard the question hopefully in my voice whether the kindergarten is open on Easter Monday." Kasia

"You are so happy that the weekend is the worst two days a week for me", "How do you not work in Corpus Christi ?! I'm going to the management with this. ā€¯Monika

"Parents assume that" he is having fun in kindergarten so let him go, and I will go shopping and cleaning "- comments Anna. It further indicates that this is not quite the case. Because the child left on the day when the groups are joined "roars", refuses to enter the room, refuses to cooperate ... Toddlers react badly to changes resulting from being in another room, with a lady who does not look after them on a daily basis. Meanwhile, many parents escort children to the facility with the feeling that the toddler will spend a nice time there. Apparently this is not always the case ...

Paula, in turn, draws attention to her parents' working time. He writes about the fact that he understands parents working from morning to 16 and their problem with picking up children before 17. It is known, you need to get to kindergarten, there are traffic jams, bus delays. He emphasizes, however, that he knows the cases of mothers "sitting at home" who bring a child at 7 and pick up at 17, regardless of the child's condition, every runny nose or cough is explained by an allergy. She asks - how is it possible that one mother is able to go to the doctor after a hard night at work, and other mothers sitting at home "push" the child to kindergarten by force, and explain any deterioration in health by allergy.

Marta commented on the argument of kindergarten teachers. There were more voices in a similar tone:

"Jesus Mary, I am shocked how teachers are able to complain. Ride on these parents. Smokes some less brilliant text one after the other and already dozens of answers, what interesting someone burned in others. Teachers, and evaluate as bribes, which always know better than parents how to raise their child. I sometimes suggest a little more respect for a parent, even if the parent sometimes doesn't sin by himself. "

What do you think about it? There is no doubt that every parent has the right to send a child to kindergarten on open days. Staff should not evaluate these decisions. On the other hand, however simply saying that your own child is unbearable, you can't stand it, it's terribly unpleasant. Because if mom or dad can't control their daughter or son, why do they require that from teachers?

There is another aspect to the problem. When do working parents have a chance to relax, when the so-called grandmother's institution fails? As parents, are we not allowed to rest without children? Is relaxation in loneliness and silence worth damning? And an even more painful issue - wouldn't the solution be to extend the opening hours of kindergartens because of the modern way of life? In some cities, attempts were made to even introduce the option of 24-hour care. Would it really be good for our children?

Judging is easy. Understanding the needs much more difficult .... And all parties - parents, teachers ... and children. Because we are after the good of the latter. Truth?